Production of concrete mixes

Concrete mixes offered by VMT Betoon:

  • Normal concretes with limestone rubble (filling material size 16mm) and fine crushed stone (filling material size 12mm)
  • Weatherproof and waterproof concrete with limestone rubble and granite rubble Sand concrete (grain size up to 10mm)
  • Steel fiber concrete (mainly used for casting floors, steel fiber concrete allows you to dispense the reinforcing mesh)
  • In concrete with synthetic fiber (used in leveling floors, synthetic fiber reduces the formation of cracks due to volume shrinkage.
  • Concrete with an accelerator (reduces the setting time of the concrete mixture, increases the early strength of the concrete)
  • Concrete with a setting retarder (used primarily for long transport and installation times or when concreting in warm weather. Depending on the dosage, the start of the setting time of the concrete can be delayed up to 24 hours)

    Additives used in the production of concrete mixes are produced by AS Semtu. All materials used in the production of concrete mixes have the CE mark.
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Production of concrete mixes

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