Concrete mixes

Concrete mix user manual and customer reminder.

Before the start of unloading the mix, the delivery note must be checked to see if the delivered concrete mix corresponds to what was ordered.
The concrete mixture must be unloaded as soon as possible, because the cement starts to harden after a certain time and the hardening mixture can no longer be installed.
During installation, the drop height of the mixture should not be greater than 1 meter, the concrete mixture will stratify if it falls from a height.

Concrete mixes comply with standard EVS-EN 206:2014+A2:2021

Obligations of the subscriber:

The customer is fully responsible for the accessibility and the durability and permeability of the roads, as well as for a suitable location for the concrete pump.
The customer is responsible for the lighting and splash guard when receiving the concrete, and for cleaning the designated set-up and cleaning area.
The customer must find a place to wash the truck transporting the concrete, after unloading the concrete.
When ordering concrete, it is necessary to make sure that access roads do not have restrictions.

Ordering concrete mix:

For questions and problems, please call 53314792 – Aimur Tõllasson.

If possible, please fill in all fields!
Unloading time – the time (in minutes or hours) required to place the concrete mixture.

All fields marked with * are mandatory.

    Price list


    Ready-mixed concrete

    Strength classMax size of filling materialWeatherproof€/m3
    Without VAT
    With VAT
    C 8/1012 mm90,00109,80
    16 mm85,00103,70
    C 12/1512 mm95,00115,90
    16 mm90,00109,80
    C 16/2012 mm100,00122,00
    16 mm95,00115,90
    C 20/2512 mm105,00128,10
    16 mm100,00122,00
    C 25/3012 mm115,00140,30
    16 mm110,00134,20
    C 30/3712 mm125,00 152,50
    16 mm120,00146,40
    C 30/3712 mmXF1 (KK 1-50);
    XF3 (KK-3-50)
    16 mmXF1 (KK 1-50);
    XF3 (KK-3-50)
    C 30/3716 mmXF2 (KK 2-50);
    XF4 (KK-4-50)
    C 35/4516 mm130,00158,60
    C 35/4516 mmXF1 (KK 1-50);
    XF3 (KK-3-50)
    C 35/4516 mmXF2 (KK 2-50);
    XF4 (KK-4-50)
    C 40/5016 mm140,00170,80
    C 45/5516 mm150,00183,00
    C 50/6016 mm160,00195,20
    On average, 1 m3 of concrete weighs ~2.4 tons
    NB! During the heating period from 15. November to 15. April, an additional fee of €6 + VAT/m3 is added to concrete order. (Addition of heating fee depends on weather conditions)

    Sand concretes e. mortars

    Strength classRussian standardWithout VATWith VAT

    Car transport prices

    NB! When ordering less than 3 m3 of concrete with a pump, a small order fee of €30 + VAT will be added to the order

    Delivery by pumpDelivery by mixerDelivery by dump truck
    Viljandi linn50,00+VAT45,00+VAT45,00+VAT
    Outside the Viljandi city1,50€/km
    min 61€
    min 55€
    min 55€
    Work on site / m3Work on site / hour
    BUCKET LOADER70,00+km
    Concrete mixes
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