Wall and plinth panels

Plinth panels, Sandwich panels

Based on the project documentation provided by the customer, we manufacture various wall elements – wall panels, plinth panels, multi-layer panels (sandwich) and concrete slabs. The concrete wall panel provides a high load-bearing fireproof and soundproof solution that is timelessly stylish. It is mainly used as an internal and external wall structure in the construction of industrial buildings, residential buildings, commercial and public buildings. Multi-layer (sandwich) plinth and wall panels consist of two reinforced concrete layers (inner and outer layer) connected by metal ties, between which there is thermal insulation. Metal connectors are not significant causes of cold bridging. Sandwich elements make it possible to speed up the construction process and have good thermal properties.

Wall elements comply with standard EN 14992:2007+A1:2012

Betoonist seinapaneelid
Sandwich paneelid
Wall panels, plinth panels

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