Transport of concrete mixtures

Transport of concrete mixtures with a mixer:

Concrete is mostly transported to the construction site with a concrete mixer truck. In exceptional cases, a tipper truck (for curb concrete) or a loader bucket can also be used as a means of transport.

Concrete mixer trucks have 3 or 4 axles and their load capacity is up to 7.5 m3
There are two types of concrete mixers:

  • with a mechanical chute – length up to 4.3m
  • with hydraulic chute – length up to 9m

If you can get close to the site with a mixer truck, it is the most affordable and easiest way to transport the concrete mix!


Transport of concrete mixtures with a pumi (pumping):

Concrete is pumped if it is not possible to install it with a mixer truck.

For pumping, AS VMT Betoon has four pumps (with a 32m mast, two with a 28m mast and a 17m mast), or a mixer truck equipped with a pump.

It is possible to add up to 40 m of hoses to the pumi mast.

A pumi with a 17m mast allows you to take up to 5 m3 of concrete with you

A pumi with a 28m mast can carry up to 3.7 m3 of concrete

A pumi with a 32m mast can carry up to 3 m3 of concrete.

It is always possible to bring concrete to the pump with a mixer truck.

Concrete mixes, transport of concrete mixes

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