Production of elements

In the production of elements, the catalog products are 1000mm and 1500mm diameter wells, covers and bottoms; foundations of road signs – LMA-1;-2;-3 and foundations of lighting poles VPA-1;-2;-3;-3k;-4;-5;-6, foundation blocks and -jugs; cellular mast foundations and shroud anchors. On a project basis, foundations and plinth elements are in production; foundation piles; wall panels; quay slabs of ports; stairs and entrances; posts; cover plates; tank bases; lintels etc.

As order products, foundation piles, reinforced concrete posts, cover plates and sleepers for openings and plinth panels with thermal insulation are manufactured for buildings.

The production capacity is 5..15m3 products per day. The production technology makes it possible to manufacture elements with a length of up to 17m, a width of up to 3m and a total weight of up to 12t.

Seinapaneelid, soklipaneelid
Concrete stairs, element
Concrete lintels

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