Concrete blocks

Lockable concrete blocks (LEGO block)

A fast and efficient block, which is good for use as a retaining wall, boundary wall, or partition wall. An ideal tool for building a bulk material warehouse. There is no need to put any additional reinforcement between the concrete blocks, so it is easy to move the blocks and rearrange the warehouse. A wall made of Lego blocks can withstand heavy loads.

It is also possible to get interlocking blocks with a smooth surface on top and in the shape of a roof, so that the slatted wall looks correct.

LEGO block 1800x600x600 mm70 €
LEGO block 1500x600x600 mm60 €
LEGO block 1200x600x600 mm50 €
LEGO block 900x600x600 mm45 €
LEGO block 600x600x600 mm40 €
LEGO block with Smooth or Roof top
*VAT will be added to the price
LEGO plokk
Ladu LEGO plokkidest

Foundation concrete blocks

block 2400x300x300 mm25 €
block 1200x300x300 mm20 €
*VAT will be added to the price
Vundamendi plokk
Concrete blocks and a LEGO block

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