Well elements

Manhole covers

Concrete manhole covers of different sizes. Mainly intended for covering the top of a well, but can also be used to cover other holes or to create solid ground. All manhole covers contain reinforcing steel. Covers that are thicker than 10cm also endure from being run over by machines. All the covers are also available with an opening. The size of the opening as standard is 60cm or 70cm (If necessary, we make an opening exactly as big as needed).

ProductPrice with VAT
Well lid / bottom 90cm (KK 9-1)
diameter 90 cm, height 5 cm
Well lid / bottom 90cm (KK 9-2)
​​diameter 90 cm, height 10 cm
Well lid 120 cm (KK 12-1)
diameter 120 cm, thickness 5 cm
Well lid 120 cm (KK 12-2)
läbimõõt 120 cm, paksus 10 cm
Well lid 170 cm (KK 17)
diameter 170 cm, height 10 cm
*Prices include 22% VAT

Well cells

Concrete well cells for drinking water well, drainage or other purpose. For the drinking water well, an outside diameter of 120 cm and a height of 50 cm (KR 10-5) are intended. They do not contain reinforcement and are rolled to make the cells watertight and easy to install. Other well cells contain reinforcement and are not designed for drinking water wells. Also, larger cells do not have a roll.

ProductPrice with VAT
Well cell 120cm (KR 10-5)
inside diameter 100 cm, height 50 cm, with roller
Well cell 120cm (KR 10-9)
inside diameter 100 cm, height 90 cm
Well cell 170cm (KR 15-9)
inside diameter 150 cm, height 90 cm
*Prices include 22% VAT

Well lifting rings

ProductPrice with VAT
Well lifting ring (TR-1)
Diameter 90 cm, opening 60 cm, height 5-9 cm
*Prices include 22% VAT

Well cells

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